Barbecue sauce… What do you imagine when hearing the name of this sauce? Nice weather, dear friends, marinated meat, chicken or fish dishes in the sauce and a barbecue waiting for them… Our Barbecue sauce mainly used in barbecue dishes and customizing the special taste of the barbecue will make your days unforgettable. Barbecue sauce can also be used while preparing other dishes, various fries to taste, with meat, fish and potatoes.


Pasteurized water, tomato paste, sugar, vinegar (E260), starch (Е1422), salt, сolourant: caramel colour (E150c), natural smoke flavor, natural emulsifier complex: E410, E412; ascorbic acid (E300), preservative: potassium sorbate (E202), natural spices: onion and garlic powder, ground pepper.

Total Weight:280 q

Total Values of 100 gr Product

Fat: 0.08 q

Protein: 1.25 q

Carbohydrate: 27.15 q

Energy:478.13 kC / 114.28kkal

Inner Piece:24 ədəd

Note:Keep away from sunray. Shake before use. Recommended for use with frying meat, chicken and potatoes.

Nutrition facts
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